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|IS200 / IS200TX  Engraving Machine :
Small capacity engraver with 8.9 x 3 in (225 x 80 mm) engraving area.
For personalising small objects, badges and plaques.
IS200 ENgraving Machine
*  8.9 x 3 in (225 x 80 mm) engraving area.
    * This small and compact engraving machine can fit in a shop window, desktop or for
       small industrial applications.
    * Add
Gravograph's GravoStyle fully integrated software and reduce engraving errors
       by saving your job settings and previewing your work on the screen before you
    * Connected to a computer, it is totally compatible with any PC graphics software
       generating HPGL files.
    * Work area is clear for easy access to the object to be engraved.
    * Very quiet spindle motor with direct current.
    * A complete range of spindles, clamping accessories and tools to suit the evolution of

IS200 TX Engraving Machine
Specific version of IS200 is suitable for flat and cylindrical engraving.
    * 8.9 x 3 in (225 x 80 mm) engraving area on items up to 8.3 in (210mm) high and for
       cylinders up to 7.9 in (200 mm) diameter, at +/- 15°.
    * Self-centring vice, large holding capacity - millimetric setting and complete rotary
       motion on 360° - adjustable in height.
    * Depth adjustable vice, the Y maximum dimension goes from 3.15 in (80 to 265 mm)
       by manual carriage.
    * Ideal bulk / capacity ratio. IS200TX offers you optimum working comfort in a limited
    * The standard IS200 can move into IS200TX thanks to an adaptation kit.
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