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|IS400 Volume Engraving Machine :
This version of the IS400 is specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial marking. Flexible. Its base allows engraving heavy items of all kinds of shapes (cubic, cylindrical, conical) and switching from engraving on flat materials straight to cylinder objects in less than 30 seconds
   *  12 x 8 in (305 x 210 mm) engraving area, maximum 15.75 in (400mm) spindle travel.
   *  Reliability and quality of engraving. IS400 Volume benefits from Gravograph's high
       manufacturing standards.
   *  Connected to a computer, it is totally compatible with any PC graphics software
       generating HPGL files.
   *  Complete access to the object to be engraved.
   *  Motorised central clamping system which allows switching from engraving on flat
       materials straight to cylindrical objects without changing parameter settings.
   *  Adjustable rotation speed from 11,000 to 20,000 rpm for machining of various
   *  Very quiet and powerful spindle motor with direct current.
   *  A complete range of spindles, clamping accessories and tools to suit the evolution of
Gravograph's GravoStyle software provides for the ultimate in efficiency and
       productivity from the IS400 Volume.
   *  Processing times are optimised thanks to enhanced electronics.

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